External protection

1 /Diamond nano

( 4 layers ) warranty 5 years

12 Hardness S i o 3 – 3 layer +   9 Hardness s i p r glossy – 1 layer

Price 3000 instead of 5300


2/ titanium diamond

( 7 layers ) warranty 6 years

12 Hardness S i b c gorilla – 3 layers + 12 Hardness s i o 3 – 3 layers + 9 Hardness s i p r glossy – 1 layer

Price 5000 instead of 7800


3/ titanium 4d

( 13 layers ) warranty 10 years

2*double s i b c gorilla – 6 layers + 2*double s i o 3 -6 layers + s i p r glossy – 1 layer

Price 7000 instead of 11172


Description :

S i p r glossy 9 hardness

(Nano protection coating)

It measures 5.0 microns for body, chrome, plastic and dashboard coatings

Easy to use, spray, wipe, and shine

It is used on all types and models of cars

Gives a renewed shine as if the paint has just been applied


S i b c gorilla 12 Hardness

(Paint base)

To get the maximum degree of toughness,

An amount of 2.5 microns (12 hardness ) is equivalent to 9 hardness +++

Used on off-road cars, Gorilla are only high-grade hardness grades that are resistant to scratches, scratches, gravel and sand.


S i o 3  diamond nano 12 hardness

(Luster paint)

It gives an extreme and high quality toughness

It measures 6 microns . 12 hardness

Scratches and scratches resistance Does not interact with water. Very water resistant.

Resistant to ultraviolet rays, and heat up to 1200 degrees gives a shine to the sparkle of diamonds.

Resistant to chemicals, Bakum oil, asphalt, sulfuric acids and bird droppings

Resistant to dust, mud, calculus, fading, rust and barium


S I V I protection nano

It is used for glass and mirrors of 5.0 microns.

Easy to use and can be sprayed and wiped off.

It does not interact with water.

It gives 55% better visibility in rainy situations, which provides more safety.

Easy to clean glass and mirrors. Resistant to dirt, dust and bird droppings.


Internal protection :

S i L P Nano leather protection

The inner layer of nano-coating keeps the surface protected as it performs protection and keeps dust and water away.

Reduces dust from entering the car leather.

Ease of removal of what is spilled, complete comfort in the ease of cleaning in a hidden and unbelievable way

Very suitable for real care of interior furnishings.


S I T P Nano fabrics protection

Nano protection inner fabrics,

The inner nanostructured covering layer keeps the surface protected.

Dust and water resistance reduces dust from entering the car’s fabrics.

Ease of cleaning and removal of what spills, complete comfort in internal cleaning in a hidden and unbelievable way.

Very suitable for the care and internal protection of fabrics.

All products by nano ceramic original 100%

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